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Extra Hard UV/LED Gel 1.3oz

Extra Hard UV/LED Gel 1.3oz

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Our newest formula is UV/LED curable. Nailite's Extra Hard Gel is a one step self leveling, durable, medium viscosity, high shine gel. When cured in a 9 watt UV lamp or an LED lamp, this gel will cure very hard. It is perfect for the client who is hard on her nails and needs little flexibility in a UV/LED Gel Nail or who wants to transition away from traditional acrylic nails.

As with all Nailite gels, no special preps or primers are required. A properly cleaned and prepped nail is a must to prevent lifting and cracking. For those clients needing extra adhesion, use Nailite's Something Wonderful or Primer as a base bonder.


  • Model: Extra Hard Gel
  • Manufactured by: Nailite