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Any 3 Colored 3D Art UV Gel 7 mL

Any 3 Colored 3D Art UV Gel 7 mL

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3D Art UV Gel 7mL Any 3

Nailite's 3D UV Colored Gel is a thick viscosity UV gel used as the perfect choice for nail art gel applications. Choose any three of our vivid primary 3D nail gel colors at one great value.

3D UV Colored Gel is used for making flowers, hearts or any decoration you can think of for the perfect nail application.

3D UV Gel Instructions:

For a perfect gel nail art application, use our 3D UV gel paints. Simply design on the nail and cure for 2 minutes under a 9 Watt UV Lamp. Remove the tacky layer using 99% alcohol and apply a thin coat of High Gloss Tackless Sealer. Cure for 2 minutes for a durable and high shine design that will last weeks.


  • Model: Any 3 3D Gel
  • Manufactured by: Nailite