Dynarex Self Seal Sterilization / Autoclave Pouch

Dynarex Self Seal Sterilization / Autoclave Pouch

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Dynarex Medical Grade Self Seal Sterilization / Autoclave Pouch:

Self-sealing autoclave pouch ensure optimal quality sterilization throughout any procedure, and includes blue tinted transparent cover making it easy to detect any contamination issues. The superior design and tested medical grade materials make storing instruments simple and nearly effortless. Contains color changing indicators to assure proper processing in steam and gas sterilization.

These self-sealing autoclave pouches are sold 200 per box, and are available in two popular sizes.

  • 3.5" X 9"
  • 5.25" X 10"


  • Model: Self Seal Sterilzation Pouch
  • Manufactured by: Nailite