Franken Polish & Gel Bottles

Are you looking for Franken Polish supplies? Create every shade and color imaginable with our selection of liquid Franken polish pigments. Try our high quality empty nail polish bottles and brushes made in Italy for your franken polish or mixing nail polish? We offer thick walled, Italian empty 15 mL round, 13.5 mL square and 1/8 oz empty nail polish bottles.We also have a full line of caps and brushes including matte black caps and flat polish brushes.  These empty nail polish bottles are extremely robust and resist breakage.  Purchase by the individual piece or wholesale by the case.   Our premium grade stainless steel mixing and agitating balls (5/32" / 4mm) are an excellent choice for agitating your franken polish with industry recommended chemical resistance and hardness.   In addition, we carry two Suspension Bases for mixing Franken Polishes.  Our regular Suspension Base will suspend glitters and dry with a shine and the Matte Suspension Base will dry with a flat, matte finish.  Try finishing off this line with Nailite's Top Coat which is also a fast dry nail polish top coat.  All Nailite Base and Top Coats are 5 Free and Cruelty Free.

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