Acetone/Alcohol/Non Acetone

Nailite's 100% Pure Acetone, Non Acetone and 99% Alcohol are the professional's number one choice for quality and value. Pure acetone is the quickest and most effective product to remove nail polish. Pure Acetone can be used to dissolve nail glue, UV gel and artificial nails.

100% Pure Non-Acetone is an acid free nail polish remover. It is a safer acid free alternative than acetone to remove nail polish while being gentler on the cuticle.

99% Pure Alcohol is a sanitizer that is used to clean your work area. It also is a great and effective choice to prep and clean the artificial nails, removing residue, oil and particles while cleansing. 99% Alcohol removes the tacky residue from cured UV gel products.

All of our pure acetone, acid free acetone and alcohol do not contain fragrances, oils or other additives that can contaminate your nail enhancement effecting the performance.

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Alcohol 99 % - Case of 4 Gallons
Alcohol 99 % - Case of 4 Gallons
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