Nailite stocks a full line of professional grade nail implements and tools.

Our professional cuticle pushers feature stainless steel construction for longevity, sanitizing and chemical resistance. The textured handles ensure a positive grip when working close to the cuticle. We stock 5 distinct styles of cuticle pushers to fulfill the needs of any professional nail technician or salon, and we do it at a great value.

Our stainless steel cuticle nippers are a great choice for any nail salon. These durable and easy to clean cuticle nippers are available in 1/4 jaw, 1/2 jaw and full jaw. Our precision Cobalt cuticle nipper is precision crafted and balanced with an extremely durable and sharp cutting edges for easy of use. Cobalt cuticle nippers are noted for their durability. Cobalt is able to withstand repeated autoclave and chemical sterilization.

Our stainless steel acrylic nippers and toe nail nippers feature exceptional durability, value and ease of use.

Our ever popular One Cut Clipper features stainless steel construction and smooth operation. Quickly and easily slices the artificial nail with one cut.

Our professional nail clippers feature stainless steel construction, 4" length and either straight or curved cutting edge.

Our tweezers feature perfect balance, precision stainless steel construction and precise tips for easy of use.