Pedicure Clippers

Nailite carries a wide selection of pedicure tools to satisfy your every need. High quality toe nail clippers to ingrown toe nippers and ingrown toe nail files and rasps, all at a great value.

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    Ingrown Toe Nail Rasp
    Ingrown Toe Nail Rasp
    The Ingrown Toe Nail Rasp is constructed with stainless steel and features a textured handle for more control. Helps to prevent ingrown toe nails and...
    Sale: $6.98
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  • Pedicure Spa Liners
    Pedicure Spa Liners
    Nailite's Pedicure Spa Liners will fit most pedicure tubs. The elastic top easily stretches around the top, for a quick, secure fit. ...
    Sale: $8.54
    5% off
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  • Professional Ingrown Toe Nail Nipper
    Professional Ingrown Toe Nail Nipper
    Nailite's Professional Toe Nail Nipper is made from stainless steel and can be used in any pedicure serivce. 
    Sale: $9.97
    5% off

1–3 of 3 items