UV/LED Builder Gels

Nailite is the longest selling UV gel company in the nail tech market place today. We were the first company to develop the one step UV Gel system. Nailite manufactures all UV nail gels, colored UV gel nail polishes and UV nail gel sealers in the USA for the perfect UV gel nails. We offer an extensive line of professional performance orientated UV nail gels to our customers at an incredible value. These UV gels are designed to fit all budgets, prolonged durability, easy of use, low odor, low heat while curing and excellent strength and bonding.

Nailite offers an extensive line of UV gels and colored UV gel polish. Our UV gels are one step, self leveling and cure to a high shine. From our one step Soak Off UV Gentle Gel to our one step Blizzard White Stylus UV gel, there is a UV nail gel for every nail technician. Our UV gels are manufactured to be used as a base UV gel, builder UV gel or top coat UV gel.

None of our gel nail products require any special preps or primers. No wiping lotions or removal products are required. All Nailite UV nail gel systems will cure under a 9 watt professional UV lamp. We provide UV gel OEM services. UV nail gel is available for private label projects or domestic or international wholesale bulk purchase at distributor and premier export pricing.