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Colored Soak Off UV Colored Gel

Soak Off Colored UV Gel

Nailite's Colored UV Soak off Gel is an extremely versatile colored UV gel. Unlike traditional soak off systems, our soak off gels are not "gummy" when filed off and have the strength of a non soak off gel with the option of soaking the gel off in acetone. The soak off UV gel can be used in a natural nail manicure or applied over any enhancement for the perfect UV gel nails. It is a perfect choice for pedicures and the colors last for weeks. To remove the color, either soak the nails in acetone for 10 minutes and push the color off or file off the color before an enhancement service. This colored UV gel has excellent consistency, remarkable coverage and reduced application time. Our advanced suspension polymers completely eliminates or drastically reduces settling.