Nailite currently manufactures 9 full lines of UV nail gel to satisfy USA manufactured demand for excellent quality and performance nail enhancement systems. All of our one step, self leveling UV gel systems are designed for maximum performance, minimum application time and ease of use. No special preps or primers are required. Simple!

French UV Gel is a medium viscosity, flexible, high shine gel. Use the French White and French Pink for a natural looking, pink and white UV Gel Nail. It is also perfect for mixing pigment powders to custom blend colors or as a builder. The perfect solution for French UV Gel Nails.

Stylus One Step UV Gel is a high performance one step system with a broad range of color and viscosity options. This one step gel system cures crystal clear and lasts for 3-4 weeks. This exciting and easy to use UV gel system can be used as a high shine top gel and builder.

Gentle Soak Off UV Gel soaks off the nail with acetone in less than 10 minutes. No more filing, no more dust! Use Gentle Gel over nail tips, as a natural nail overlay or as a base gel for UV Colored Gel Polish applications on natural nails. This one step soak off UV gel is extremely durable yet flexible and very easy to work with.

Extra Hard UV Gel is a one step self leveling, durable, medium viscosity, high shine gel. When cured in a 9 watt lamp, this will cure very hard. It is perfect for the client who is hard on her nails and needs little flexibility or who wants to transition away from traditional acrylic nails.

Soak Off UV Colored Gels are a medium viscosity one step soak off colored UV gel system. These amazing colored UV gels soak off in 10 minutes. These are extremely durable and easy to use and requiring no special primers. We offer an exciting array of fantastic soak off UV gel colors. Use these with our soak off Gentle gel as the base and finish the nail with our soak off Gentle Gloss UV top coat.

Colored UV Gel Polish applies like traditional nail lacquer but functions like a UV gel polish.  Lasts for weeks and soaks off with acetone. 

UV Gel Top Coat and UV Gel Sealers are solvent resistant and provide an excellent mirror like super high gloss finish to your nails. These extremely durable and thin top coats and sealers provide stunning nail enhancements. The new Gentle Gloss Top Coat is very durable and soaks off in 10 minutes with acetone. All UV Gel Tops Coats include their own application brush.

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Alcohol 99 % - Gallon Bottle
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