Nail Buffer & Sanding Blocks

The raw materials sourced for Nailite's sanitizable 3 Way Nail Buffer Blocks are from the United kingdom, the 3 way nail buffers are then manufactured in the USA for the best possible quality. Our nail buffers are very durable and long lasting and can be sprayed or submersed with hospital grade disinfectant for the utmost sanitation. We have an extensive selection of 3 way nail buffer blocks to suit every need from orange buffers to purple buffers and everything in between.

4 Way Nail Sanding Blocks are manufactured in the USA using the finest raw materials and technology available. Sanding blocks are used for finishing and smoothing the natural or artificial nail enhancements. They can also remove discoloration on the natural nail with out scratching the surface. Our nail sanding blocks are sanitizable by spraying or submersion in disinfectant. We offer our world renowned white Snow blocks and Gold Blocks as well as pastel nail blocks at an incredible value.

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  • 2 Way Slim Buffer Block
    2 Way Slim Buffer Block
    Our new 2 way slim buffer block features clear grit washable abrasive to reduce residual particles. The slim buffers are a very economical...
    Sale: $3.38
    10% off
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  • 3 Way Buffer Blocks
    3 Way Buffer Blocks
    Professional Buffing Blocks Professional 3 way buffer blocks are manufactured in the UK using the finest raw materials available....
    Sale: $3.29
    10% off
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1–2 of 2 items