Nail Files & Buffers/Blocks

Here at Nailite, we manufacture our professional line of cushion foam nail files, emery boards, nail buffer blocks and sanding blocks using the finest quality materials available.

Cushion Foam Nail Files are constructed using Fuji Star abrasives imported from Japan and manufactured in the USA. These cushion files offer the utmost durability and the highest quality available. These foam files can be submerged for up to 10 minutes in most sanitizing solutions.

Wood Emery Nail File Boards are constructed from the hard wood forests in the USA combined with our Fuji Paper resulting in the finest manicure emery boards.

3 Way Nail Buffer Blocks and 4 Way Sanding Blocks are made using glue imported from the UK and manufactured in the USA. The buffer and sanding blocks are extremely durable and can be sanitized.

Sponge Nail Files are manufactured in the USA with exceptional performance and durability. These flexible professional sponge boards are used to contour and smooth nail enhancements.

Pedicure Foot Files feature a washable durable 100/180 grit abrasive packaged in an individual hygienic sleeve. The foot file has a textured reinforced handle for a positive grip.

3 Way Shiner Nail Blocks for creating that long lasting and quick glass like shine to natural or artificial nails.

Explanation of foam cushion nail file grit related to number:
80 X/Coarse, 100 Coarse, 120 Medium/Coarse, 180 Medium, 280 Fine, 320 Extra Fine, 360 Extremely Fine.

OEM, printing, wholesale, private label and bulk pricing are also available.