Nailite Signature Series

Are you looking for a stunningly stylish and functional acetone resistant kolinsky acrylic nail brush or gel brush?

Nailite is proud to introduce our new “Signature Series” professional nail brushes that are manufactured using the finest kolinsky (acrylic) or synthetic (gel) hair and precision machined aluminum handle, cap and ferrule available in our industry.

The kolinsky acrylic nail brush features an acetone resistance aluminum handle and cap imbedded with a stylish rhinestone pattern with exceptional balance. The removable functional cap securely attaches to the brushes handle extending the grip area. The cap is simply removed and used to cap and protect the fine kolinsky hair when not in use or for storage. The oval 8 acrylic nail brush feature the finest kolinsky hairs and are finely pointed for the upmost control. Each brush is laser engraved with the brush size and our new logo.

The perfectly balanced synthetic gel nail brush features a removable cap that can be attached to the gel brush handle to extend the grip or if left off, shortening the handle for those who prefer a short handle gel brush. The cap also prohibits the curing of any gel residue left in the bristles. The brown synthetic hair is perfectly shaped in a fine oval in size 6. The acetone resistant brush cap and handle is constructed from machined aluminum imbedded with an artistic design resulting in an extremely durable nail brush. The gel brush is laser engraved with our new logo and brush size.


The acrylic nail and gel brushes are manufactured under strict quality control to ensure consistent high quality durable performance expected from Nailite at an incredible value.

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