Glitter For Nail Art

Cosmetic grade chemical resistant glitter adds spice to your nail art. These nail glitters can be added to your gel or acrylic nails for custom blends and designs. Our Cosmetic  grade nail art glitter is suitable for use in nail polish suspension base. The glitter will not bleed or dissolve in Indy polish, monomer or gel.


Sprinkle Method:

1. Start with a dry nail. Brush on a top coat.
2. Sprinkle Micro Glitter over the nail.
3. Repeat with additional colors if desired.
4. Cover entire nail with top coat.

Brush Method:

1. Dip a fine brush into top coat.
2. Dip brush into Micro Glitter creating a tiny ball on the end of the brush.
3. Lightly paint the glitter onto the nail. Wipe the brush clean of all glitter and top coat on a dry paper towel.
4. Repeat steps 1 & 2 until desired effect is complete.
5. Lightly coat entire nail with top coat being careful not to drag Micro Glitter.

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