UV Gel Lamps

Ultra Violet (UV) Gel Nail Lamps

Nailite specializes in professional use 9 watt, 36 Watt and 54 watt UV Gel Nail Lamps. We offer robust and durable UV Gel Lamps for the professional nail tech as part of their essential nail supplies at a great value. Stainless or aluminum mirrored acetone resistant internal reflector for even and quick curing of gel nails. The 36 watt and 54 watt UV Gel Lamp also features a bottom plate that slides out making hand placement, cleaning and bulb replacement a breeze. Nail Techs can also cure toes by removing the bottom plate.

We stock several different UV gel lamp replacement bulbs, from the economical great performing 9 Watt UV replacement bulbs to the highest performing and consistent power supply offered in the Philips 9 watt replacement bulb. We also have the 7 watt replacement UV Gel bulbs for Pro Gel 42 watt UV Gel Nail Lamps. All 9 watt replacement bulbs are H shaped and will work in magnetic induction UV Gel Lamps.

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