UV/LED Lamps and UV/LED Bulbs

UV/LED Lamps and UV/LED Bulbs

Why choose Nailite's professional UV Nail Gel lamps?

Our professional lamps feature rich UV nail gel lamps are one of the best values of the market today. You will enjoy prolonged durability, exceptional cure hardness, simplicity and ease of use and cleaning. We have 4 different UV lamps to choose from. Our UV lamps are available in 9 Watts, 18 Watts. 36 Watts and 54 Watts.

Our lamps can be selected with our high intensity 9 watt UV nail lamp bulbs featuring quick hard cure times and longevity or can be selected using Philips 9 watt UV gel lamp replacement bulbs. The Philips bulbs are one of the best curing, longest lasting and provide the hardest cure in the market.

UV Gel Lamps:

White 9 Watt UV Gel Lamp is a robust professional, yet affordable UV nail lamp featuring an easy to clean aluminum reflector for an even and extremely hard cure.

Silver 9 Watt UV Gel Lamp features a 120 second timer, aluminum reflector and a removable top for easy access to the bulb. The reflector is acetone resistant and easy to clean. The timer button is located on the top of the UV lamp for easy access from any seating position. This durable unit will provide years of reliable service.

36 Watt UV Gel Nail Lamp is extremely durable and feature rich. This UV lamp has a sliding tray on the bottom that can be removed for Rock Star toes! This lamp has a 90 second, 120 second and constant on timer. The reflector is manufactured using acetone resistant aluminum for the ultimate even, hard cure and cleaning is a snap.

54 Watt UV Gel Lamp features has a large opening for two hands at once. The 54 watt UV nail lamp features a mini computer processor. The timer can be programmed in 5 second increments up to 15 minutes. This UV lamp also features a cold and hot air dull fan. A slide out bottom plate that once removed, is perfect for gel toes. The aluminum reflector is acetone resistance for easy cleaning, and an even quick and hard cure.