Stiletto Nails Step by Step

      STEP 1                    STEP 2         STEP 3           STEP 4

          STEP 5                   STEP 6         STEP 7            STEP 8

          STEP 9

Step 1.  Prep the nails for a full set, cleanse nail plate with 99% alcohol.  Apply form to nail and use Something Wonderful on natural nail.

Step 2.  Using Prismatic Pink extend nail bed to the desired length.

Step 3. Using Omega Clear Acrylic extend the free edge to the desired length and then remove form.

Step 4. Using a mix of Omega Clear Acrylic and purple glitter make a swirl starting at the nail plate going to the middle of the free edge. 

Step 5. Using a mix of Omega Clear Acrylic and gold glitter, fill in both sides of the swirl.

Step 6. Using the purple glitter mix apply another swirl to the end of the stiletto. 

Step 7. Using the gold glitter mix fill in the rest of the free edge.

Step 8. Finish file and shape the nail, using 99% alcohol cleanse the nail plate.

Step 9. Apply High Gloss Tackless Sealer and cure for 2 minutes.  Oil nails and done!