Rock Star Toes!

Rock Star Toes are fun and flirty, especially for the upcoming summer pedicure season.  Following a few, simple, quick steps, extend the life of your pedicure for up to 6 weeks!  No chipping, no fading, no worries.

1- After preping the nail, apply a thin layer of Nailite Gentle Gel.  
    Cure for 2 minutes in a 9 Watt or greater UV Gel Lamp.
2- Remover tacky residue using 99% alcohol and a lint free nail wipe.
3- Apply a layer of Nailite Color UV Gel Polish.  Pink-A-Licious was
    used in these pictures.  Cure for 2 minutes. Apply a second of gel
    and sprinkle glitter onto the wet gel and cure for another 2
4- Apply a top layer of Gentle Gel and cure for 2 minutes. Remove the tacky residue with 99% alcohol and a lint free nail wipe.

Send your clients home with toes that will sparkle and last!