Professional 9 Watt Silver Lamp

Professional 9 Watt Silver UV Gel Lamp with a 120 second timer and a high intensity 9 watt UVA bulb. This 9 watt nail gel lamp features a removable top for easy access to the reflector and the bulb resulting in easier bulb replacement and cleaning of the three piece internal reflector. The aluminum reflector is acetone resistant and easy to clean. This nail gel lamp’s reflector results in quicker heat dispersion, lower internal temperature while curing and a more comfortable experience for your client. The top mounted start button is in easy reach from any position and initiates the 120 second timer. The on/off switch is located on the back of the gel lamp.

The 9 watt UV gel lamps are recommended to cure the advanced UV nail gel systems on the market today. They also cure up to 30 seconds faster than 6 watt UV gel lamps.