Pink and White Gel Tutorial

Pic1         Step 1:  Clean and Prep the natural nail


Pic2  Step 2:  Apply a coat of Something Wonderful Acid Free                                                                                                                                                       Protein Bond.


Pic3  Step 3:  Apply a layer of Stylus Gel and   cure for 2 minutes.


Pic4   Step 4:  Apply a second coat of gel making sure not to get any

on the skin.  Cure for 2 minutes.


Pic6  Step 5:  Remove nail forms.


Pic7  Step 6:  Using Pure White Colored UV Gel, paint on the

French Tip and cure for 2 minutes.  Then, apply

a layer of clear gel over the entire nail and cure again

for 2 minutes.


Pic8   Step 7:  Wipe the nails with 99% alcohol and begin to file and

shape the nails.


Pic9    Step 8:  Finish  the nails with High Gloss Tackless Sealer.