Nailite’s Omega Acrylic System

Have you been looking for a good, professional, USA made, consistent acrylic system? If so, we have the product for you.  Nailite’s Omega Acrylic System is an EMA based, violet liquid that is formulated to help with problem lifters.  Powders are available in Clear, Pink, White, Double Dark Pink, Full Coverage Pink and Deep Pink.  When used together, the powder will set in a medium to fast set time and will cure creamy thus reducing the amount of filing and buffing needed. Save time and money by having less product waste and less time buffing the nails.  With the Omega Acrylic System, no primer is needed, however, it is the choice of the tech.  Looking to try our line?  Try a Test Tube or our Omega Acrylic Starter Kit.  Good until September 22, when you purchase a starter kit, you will receive a free High Gloss Tackless Sealer…perfect for pink and white’s.  As with all of Nailite’s chemicals, Omega Liquid and Powder are made in the USA.