Nailite’s Extra Hard UV Gel

Today until Monday, Nailite’s Extra Hard Gel is Buy a 1 oz Clear and receive a FREE 1 oz Pink.  Now is the best time to buy.  This gel has been in the Nailite gel line for over 15 years.  The clear cures crystal  clear and to a high shine.  There is no lifting and no yellowing.  The pink is a translucent pink that is a beautiful color for pink and whites.  Extra Hard Gel is different than our other UV gels.  This UV gel does not have the flexibility of a traditional UV gel.  It is very “hard” making it a great choice for clients you have transitioning from acrylics to gels.    It is a self leveling, medium viscosity gel which can be used as a builder or top gel.  As with all Nailite UV gels, no special preps or primers are required but by using Something Wonderful Acid Free Protein Bond, you will enhance the adhesion thus leading to longer lasting nails.   Have you tried our gel?  If so, leave us a comment on what you think and any tips you have.  Also, email us pictures of your nails used with our UV gels to and we will post them to our Facebook page.


Extra Hard UV Gel 1 oz