Nailite UV Gel Lamps

Nailite has made increasing strides in the field of UV Gel and lamp technology. UV bulbs and UV gel lamps are an essential  part of any UV gel system. The quality, bulb intensity and reflector quality have a direct impact on the performance of all UV gel systems. Nailite insures that our UV gel lamps and bulbs provide the best possible curing for the hardest, shiniest and fastest gel nails.

The new Nailite high intensity 9 watt gel lamp bulb  delivers consistent power output through out its prolonged longevity cycle. We also have available the world renowned Phillips 9 watt UV  bulb for use in nail gel lamps. Both of these top of the line bulbs, are universally compatible with magnetic induction lamps and fit all Nailite gel lamps. These bulbs will ensure the hardest and quickest curing of your UV gel.

Our new 9 watt and 36 watt UV lamps are extremely robust and perform to the highest professional standards.  Our newest lamp due out of production at the beginning of March will feature a 120 second timer, constant on  and removable bulb lid for quick and easy changing of the bulbs.

All of the new Nailite lamps  include an acetone resistant aluminium reflector. The aluminium reflector dissipates heat faster resulting in a more comfortable experience for the client. 9 watt gel lamps are recommended by industry experts for curring today’s high performance UV gels. The 36 watt UV gel lamp has the same features as the 9 watt lamp with the addition of two timers (90 and 120 seconds) as well as constant on. The 36 watt lamp also features a plate on the bottom that is easily removed and replaced to cure gel toes. A start button is located on the top of the lamp that can be conveniently set from any seating position.

All of our professional UV gel lamps and UV bulbs ensures optimum curing performance of your UV gel.  They provide the quickest and hardest finish and the ultimate high gloss shine . 

Nailite continues to strive for the highest quality professional manicure and pedicure product at the best possible value.

2 comments for “Nailite UV Gel Lamps

  1. Lynn
    February 17, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    I am very interested in your new UV light but I have a question that really confuses me. Since a 9watt light is standard with most gels, what purpose would the 36watt light serve. I currently use the TEN system that comes with 6watt light. I hear some use the 6 wtt to flash cure then final cure in 9 watt and some use 36watt to final cure. I want to make sure I purchase the right upgrade. I currently have the Ten lamp as well as a lamp that uses a 4 watt bulb. Its brand new and barely used. Would it be possible to use a higher watt bulb? It currently uses 2 – 4 wtt bulbs. The bottom says 120 volts/60Hz . -/2 amps. I would hate to see this lamp go to waste. Thank you so much!

  2. February 17, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    That is a very good question. A 36 watt lamp uses 4 x’s 9 watt bulbs. You are only curing at 9 watts. You are just getting a much better and more even cure. If you have a lamp that requires a 4 watt bulb, you can not change that to a different wattage bulb. If you are planning to upgrade, this is a great lamp. It has 2 timers, a slide out tray so the lamp can be used for toes as well and includes 4 bulbs.

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