Nailite Files and Buffers

Did you know that Nailite has a full line of professional files and buffers?  Our nail files are made in the USA and are made from the highest quality materials.  In addition to our files, our buffers consistently receive rave review from our customers on the durability and longevity of each buffer.  For those of […]

Nailite’s Extra Hard UV Gel

Today until Monday, Nailite’s Extra Hard Gel is Buy a 1 oz Clear and receive a FREE 1 oz Pink.  Now is the best time to buy.  This gel has been in the Nailite gel line for over 15 years.  The clear cures crystal  clear and to a high shine.  There is no lifting and […]

Halloween Nails

Even your Gel Polish only clients will want fun Halloween Nail Art!  Send us the pic’s of what you come up with using Nailite UV Colored Gel Polish and GIA!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Send your pics to!  Yours could wind up posted on our Facebook fan page!

Acrylic, 3D Gel and Gel Polish!

This full set was done with a thin layer of Omega Clear Acrylic, then Neon Pink Colored Acrylic.  The artwork was done with Silver Glitter Colored UV Gel Polish and Black 3D Art Colored UV Gel then sealed with High Gloss Tackless Sealer!

Monday Only Sale!

Every Monday we have a large number of products that we place on sale!  Don’t miss your chance to save on the products you love!  Make sure you check it out every Monday!  

Test Tubes

Test Tubes are an economical and fun way to test 13 of our products!  If you’re looking for something new or trying to find an excellent product line at an affordable price our Test Tubes are the way to go!  We have acrylics, gels, colored acrylics and colored gels for you to test!  Try several!

Nailite’s Omega Acrylic System

Have you been looking for a good, professional, USA made, consistent acrylic system? If so, we have the product for you.  Nailite’s Omega Acrylic System is an EMA based, violet liquid that is formulated to help with problem lifters.  Powders are available in Clear, Pink, White, Double Dark Pink, Full Coverage Pink and Deep Pink. […]

Have you taken our FaceBook Poll?

Hop over to FaceBook, take our Poll about which Nailite UV Top Coat is your favorite, share the Poll on your page and you will be entered to win all of our UV Top Coats!  Here’s the link! We’re excited to see which one everyone votes for!